In order to add jiggle bones

  1. Enable Jiggle Armature in the armature tab in the buttons window

  2. Select a bone and enable Jiggle Bone in the bone tab, Jiggle Bone properties won't be visible until Jiggle Armature is enabled in the armature it belongs to

Now if you press ctrl+a or click in the play animation button you will see a jiggle bone moving.

  • You can select several bones and copy the properties of the active one to the others clicking on Copy jiggle bone properties , using this you can save many time
  • JiggleArmature doesn't reset the bone's position, rotation or scale when the simulation ends, so if you don't mark key frames at the start of the simulation the jiggle bones will keep their last transform. Jiggle bones store velocity and head position, even if you change the bone rotation manually it won't change the internal head position inside the jiggle bone, , you can reset the state of the jiggle bone clicking on Reset State, it will update the internal head position to the current transform of the bone and it will set velocity to zero
  • You can bake the simulation clicking Bake in the panel Jiggle Scene in the scene tab, it will record the simulation from the start frame to the end frame into key frames. Once baked you can remove it just deleting the recorded key frames
  • To reduce simulation error increase the number of iterations in the Jigle Armature panel
  • To increase the strength of the consotraints increase the simulation sub-steps in the Jigle Scene panel
  • Test mode is enabled by default and allows you to view the simulation in real time, but you can disable it in the Jiggle Scene panel in the scene tab